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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Review: The Corruption of Philip Toles by Felix I.D. Dimaro

The Corruption of Philip Toles
by Felix I.D. Dimaro

A huge thank you to the author for this gifted book.

Publisher: Infinity Road Publishing House
Publish Date: December 12, 2021
177 Pages
Genre: Horror 

It was a haunting thirteen years in the making…

On the morning of his thirteenth birthday, Philip Alexander Toles was found dead, hanging by the neck from a basketball rim inside of his school’s gymnasium. A note was found in his pocket indicating that a teacher, Mrs. Kathleen Jeffreys, was the reason for his death. Suggesting that she preyed on the boy. That she drove him to his end.

In life, Philip Toles was a boy exploited by his teacher, neglected by his mother, and let down by nearly every adult meant to protect him. In death, he became just a boy, another victim. Forgotten, as so many victims are.

Until thirteen years later.

On the anniversary of his death, of his birth, someone, or something, remembers Philip. And wants others to remember him as well. That someone, or something, is looking to hold those who ruined Philip’s life and caused his death accountable.

Justice is no longer of importance. Because vengeance is being sought.

The Corruption of Philip Toles deals with the deepest, darkest, most deranged parts of the human psyche. And the monstrosities which exist within those depths. 

My Review:

One story about The Corruption of Philip Toles.  My favorite read by Dimaro yet.  Yes, this is hard to read.  Yes, the subject matter is dark and Dimaro gives all the trigger warnings in the pages before the story begins.

Two thoughts popped up in my gray matter when I started this read. (1) I should absolutely reread synopses before I read the books because I thought I was going to get more of what happened to Philip and the story leading up to him being found hanging from a basketball hoop and then the aftermath.  Instead, it's pure aftermath and I actually think I liked this better because normally we don't see this side of the equation. (2) So many things happened at the beginning, I was like... um, but now where are we going to go?? Well, go we surely went!

Three days it took me to read this because life got busy but I'm glad I took my time with this.  It's kind of like watching Hostel 2 - we get to see the hows and whys and that is what the author provides us here.  And it's disgusting ... but I weirdly like disgusting *fiction* so hi *waves*.  

Four times I put my hands to my head while reading and cringed.  But most especially when Corbray was at his daughter's house.  Thanks Felix, that's when I knew I was really engaged in the story and if I could've reached in and taken Corbray out of the book at that point, I absolutely would've.  To kick his gross ass into orbit.  

Five stars I would've given this but I felt the beginning felt rushed to get to the meat of the story.  But hell, I can see the growth in Felix's writing and I love where it's going.  He's not afraid to tackle the darkest stories and I'll forever be here for them.  Yes, I read the "Thanks For Reading" and even the "this particular part of it" *wink*... and I'm so intrigued with the chalk writing... YES!  Also, one last inkling in how I loved the chapters started with the number of the chapter as the first word in the sentence... which I tried to exemplify here and not very well. Haha.  

This definitely will not be a book for everyone but it was definitely the book for me.


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