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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Review: The Thirteenth Koyote by Kristopher Triana

The Thirteenth Koyote
by Kristopher Triana

Thank you Death's Head Press and Night Worms for this chonker!

Publisher: Death's Head Press LLC
Publish Date: December 29, 2020
502 Pages
Series: Splatter Western #8
Genre: Horror

An evil has returned to the town of Hope’s Hill.

When a grave robber unearths the corpse of Jasper Thurston, a piece of the body is stolen, one that will call the Koyotes from across the plains. They are a vicious company of outlaws, part madmen and part wolves. Their leader is Glenn the Dreadful, and he’s out to gather the power of the Menhir, a particle from an ancient evil.

The fate of Hope’s Hill—and perhaps the world—rests in the hands of unlikely heroes. A rugged U.S. Marshall, a teenage girl out for revenge, an emancipated slave, a nun with a dark secret, and a mysterious half-breed with the number thirteen tattooed on his neck.

The Thirteenth Koyote is a werewolf western from Splatterpunk-Award-winner Kristopher Triana, author of Gone to See the River Man and Full Brutal. Filled with gunfights as well as ghouls, it is a horror epic as big as the open range. 

My Review:

Excuse me? A werewolf splatter western?!  YES PLEASE!  I haven't read a werewolf story in SO LONG, but if I'm going to get back into them, this is definitely the way I want to go.  This is a chonker compared to the other installments in this Splatter Western series, but each of the 500+ pages are absolutely necessary.  I started this one late last night and woke up super early for a Sunday to finish it.  

Welcome to the band of outlaws known as the Koyotes, led by Glenn the Dreadful... whom we get to learn a LOT about.  I would have to run into any of them.( Why does their former leader, Jasper Thurston ring a bell for me?)  Glenn is after the Menhir, an talisman that will give him great (evil) power.  But he and his Koyotes, come across some very unlikely heroes.

There's quite the large cast of characters and I enjoyed learning about every single one.  The good, the bad, the ugly and the violent.  Some passages were fist biters.  Graphic, bloody and everything a horror lover like myself loves.  I admit this is probably the SPLATTER of all SPLATTERS compared to the first seven books in this (standalone) series.  Nothing really shocks me in reading books or watching movies that are fiction... but woooooweeee, there were some doozies splattered within (see what I did there?...  yeah, I'll see myself out of here in a minute 😉).  And this is where we see just how genius Triana is in his writing.  The story telling itself keeps the reader stuck to each and every page - the action is continuous, the blood getting stickier with each brutal meeting. 

Prepare yourself for an onslaught of gory goodness... but also know that it's so much more than that.  You want to know what's going to happen.  You WANT to see retribution - you end up just wanting it ALL.  Shocking and not for the faint hearted - horror lovers buckle in and enjoy the ride.  Now excuse me, I have a tattoo I need to go get.


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  1. YESS! I need to get my hands on more of these splatter westerns. I've only read the one from Wile E Young so far.