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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Review: Red Station by Kenzie Jennings

Red Station 
by Kenzie Jennings

Thanks so much to Death's Head Press & Night Worms
for this copy and continuation in the Splatter Western series.

Publisher: Death's Head Press
Publish Date: November 12, 2020
146 Pages
Series: Splatter Western #7
Gnere: Horror

There is a house overlooking the vast, rolling plains. A home station where a traveler will be welcomed with a piping hot meal and a downy bed. It is a refuge for the weary. A beacon for the lost. A place where blood and bones feed the land.

For four stagecoach passengers... a doctor in search of a missing father and daughter... a newlywed couple on the way to their homestead... and a lady in red with a bag filled with secrets... Their night at the Station has only just begun. 

My Review:

Well well well... what have we here? *wipes blood from corner of mouth and smiles*

I've been having a love/hate relationship with this series but oh the LOVE I have for this installment.  Oh, did y'all stop to rest but maybe picked the wrong place to settle for the evening? Which way do you go and who do you really root for?  Well, like with all good horror, I have a tendency to root for them all - whether that's rooting for them to die or not.... *wink*

At under 150 pages, this story never lets up.  I could feel the dust in my nose, could almost taste the coppery tang of blood on my tongue and found myself enthralled with every page.  Give me a lady in red and you bet she'll likely end up my favorite and hellooooo Clyde! While this installment still holds true to the time period, we also get this protagonist with such a presence... you may find yourself sitting up a little bit straighter when she arrives on your pages.  

Jennings does NOT hold back with the gore and splattery goodness we all love in these types of reads.  And I appreciate that there are no supernatural elements featured like with the past installments.  Instead we get good old fashioned evil people doing their thing.  *hat tip*

Each installment can be read as a standalone and this has moved into my favorite spot of the series so far.  Horror lovers, get yourself a copy and feed yourself.


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