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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Review: The Night Silver River Run Red by Christine Morgan @deathsheadpress #nightwormsbookparty @night_worms

The Night Silver River Run Red 
by Christine Morgan

Publisher: Death's Head Press
Publish Date: August 7, 2020
220 Pages
Series: Splatter Wester #4
Genre: Horror

Some things, according to Cody McCall, are worth risking a whipping. Such as, sneaking out with your friends after dark for a peek at the traveling show setting up just outside of town. Oddities, the signs promise. Marvels. Grotesqueries. Exotic attractions and mysterious magics.

Not as if they'd be allowed to attend otherwise, not with parents and preacher and schoolmarm all disapproving. But how often does a chance like this come along? There isn't much else by way of excitement in quiet, peaceful Silver River, a once-prosperous boom town slowly gone bust.

Worth risking a whipping, sure. Worth risking life and limb, and maybe more? Worth risking being ripped to pieces by ravenous, inhuman brutes? Worth crossing paths with those strange, silent cult-folk from the high valley? Worth all the fire and bloodshed and horror and death?

Because something far worse than any ordinary traveling show has come to town, and one thing is for certain: those who survive, if any, will never forget The Night Silver River Run Red.

My Review:

Oddities - the sign and, seemingly, the book promises... and yet doesn't particularly deliver until the very end... and of which I had hoped to see more of.  Exotic marvels, attractions and things not of the norm have always been very fascinating to me so when I started this read I was stupidly excited for it only to be somewhat let down that I didn't get more of it.  HOWEVER, it is the journey to get there that the book also promises and for that, it certainly does deliver.

This is probably my favorite of the four in the Western Splatter series so far.  Christine Morgan is an author I will absolutely be keeping an eye on.  There's something about the way she writes that made this such an easy to fly through novella.  I did find the beginning a tad bit slow but it really ramps up page by page.  While I think the gore in this is minimal compared to the first three in the series, make no mistake - there's still plenty of splatter to keep you happily bathed in blood.


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  1. AWESOME review! I need to order the other books in this series! I only have The Magpie Coffin so far!