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Friday, August 7, 2020

#ATBR2020 Review: Lies Lies Lies by Adele Parks @Jessmapreviews

Lisa, Lies, Lies 
by Adele Parks

Thank you Mira for this copy and stop on the blog tour.

Publisher: Mira
Publish Date: August 4, 2020
384 Pages
Genres: Domestic Drama, Suspense

LIES LIES LIES centers on the story of Simon and Daisy Barnes. To the outside world, Simon and Daisy look like they have a perfect life. They have jobs they love, an angelic, talented daughter, a tight group of friends... and they have secrets too. Secrets that will find their way to the light, one way or the other.
Daisy and Simon spent almost a decade hoping for the child that fate cruelly seemed to keep from them. It wasn’t until, with their marriage nearly in shambles and Daisy driven to desperation, little Millie was born. Perfect in every way, healing the Barnes family into a happy unit of three. Ever indulgent Simon hopes for one more miracle, one more baby. But his doctor’s visit shatters the illusion of the family he holds so dear.
Now, Simon has turned to the bottle to deal with his revelation and Daisy is trying to keep both of their secrets from spilling outside of their home. But Daisy’s silence and Simon’s habit begin to build until they set off a catastrophic chain of events that will destroy life as they know it.

My Review:

This domestic, suspenseful drama is...... not what I was wanting today.  Now, I'm not the first person to feel like this particular genre can get a bit repetitive but it's also a genre I typically love.  I mean, crazy is crazy and I love all kinds of crazy in a story.... 

In this particular story, the husband, not the wife, is the alcoholic.... only he remembers more things than people give him credit for - and this usually works out to his benefit.  And then of course, one fateful night happens which upends an already precarious situation.  For me, the issues I had with this one was that it was highly predictable and nothing new within this genre itself.  Again, I can usually be ok with this because I know what I'm typically expecting walking in.  However, the epilogue for this one killed it for me.  Wasn't there enough without that? Le sigh.

I enjoyed I Invited Her In by this author a lot more than this one but in looking at my review there - same observations: not "thrillery" enough for my taste and predictable.  However, I will say the author does write in a compulsive manner so the short chapters keep you engaged.  Though this one had some definite lulls within, I was definitely still compelled to see how everything played out.  And while I give props for going the extra crazy mile, I do think that sometimes less can be more and in this case more because uh-oh.

I'm definitely curious where Parks will take us in her next book as I'll definitely be reading it.  So far I'm 1:1 for her which really piques my interest for future works.


Jessica's Review:

I read and really liked Adele Parks' previous release I INVITED HER IN, so I was curious to see what she would come up with for us next. This is a difficult one because I do like her writing style and how addictive those short chapters are, but something just didn't click for me.

The thriller and suspense genre seems to be saturated lately with books that feel repetitive and predictable. Or that could just be me because I mainly read this genre. Normally, it doesn't really bother me when things get predictable because the twists are usually what set the book apart from the others.

This book had twists aplenty and at the end it felt almost like it was too many. I know that this is an unpopular opinion for this book, and there are so many glowing reviews. So I think this is more of a case of a me as a reader thing and not the book. If you want a really compulsive and quick read, then this is one you need to add to your TBR

3 stars

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