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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Review: Blood Victory by Christopher Rice @amazonpub @chrisricewriter

Blood Victory 
by Christopher Rice

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Publish Date: August 18, 2020
Kindle Edition
Series: Burning Girl #3
Genres: Thriller, Mystery

On a cross-country journey to hell, fear is the engine and vengeance is the destination as Christopher Rice’s Amazon Charts bestselling series continues.

As the test subject of an experimental drug, Charlotte Rowe was infused with extraordinary powers. As the secret weapon of a mysterious consortium, she baits evil predators and stops them in their tracks. But it takes more than fear to trigger what’s coursing through Charlotte’s blood. She needs to be terrorized. Serial killer Cyrus Mattingly is up to the task.

Cyrus is a long-haul truck driver, and his cargo bay is a gallery of horrors on wheels. To stop his bloodshed, Charlotte will become his next victim, reining in her powers so she can face each of his evils in turn.

As much as they know about Cyrus—his method of selecting victims, his prolonged rituals—there is something they don’t. What happens on the dark and lonely highways is only the journey. It’s the destination that’s truly depraved. Before she can unleash vengeance on a scale this killer has never seen, Charlotte and her team will have to go the distance into hell.

My Review:

Book 3 in the Burning Girl Series and so far it's a full five stars for EVERY BOOK IN THE SERIES.  Rice has really launched this series forward in these three books and while you could likely read this as a standalone, I would STRONGLY recommend reading this from book one and it'll give you better understanding and deeper connection to the full story line.  And trust me, readers, this is definitely a series where you want to know all the details.

From being the stolen baby raised by serial killers, to finding out she has been drugged with Zypraxon that gives her superhuman powers and luckily is the first to survive being triggered... to now trying to work with authorities to bring down other killers, Charlotte is a character you will absolutely love and to see these big transitions via only three books so far, it so impresses me how Rice does this without making time seem to move too fast, making the sci-fi part of it not convoluted but an added bonus to the scary parts of things we could potentially see happening in the future... I mean, I don't even know where to start in terms of how well crafted this series is.

Side note to the author: I'm absolutely ok with snakes but that whole set up with the RATS... I physically wretched (which is also why I LOVED all of that as well - what can I say, I'm a sick person *wink*).

The dirty birds in this story had quite the evil story to tell.  I definitely do NOT want to be a seedling that someone else needs to plant.  Not gonna lie, I absolutely loved this side of the story and I truly intrigued to see where this series continues in terms of future villains and from a certain new character that has all my must know hairs standing straight up.  Rice has done it again and I'm telling y'all, you WANT to read this series. Get on it.


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