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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

#ATBR2019 Review: The Cutting Room by Ashley Dyer @wmmorrowbooks @AshleyDyer2017 @jessmapreviews

The Cutting Room
by Ashley Dyer

Publisher: William Morrow
Publish Date: June 18, 2019
448 Pages
Series: Carver and Lake #2
Genres: Mystery, Fiction

Detectives Ruth Lake and Greg Carver, introduced in the electrifying Splinter in the Blood, must stop a serial killer whose victims are the centerpiece of his macabre works of art.

While Britain is obsessed with the newest hit true-crime television show, Fact, or Fable? detectives Ruth Lake and Greg Carver are tormented by a fiendish flesh-and-blood killer on the loose.

Lured to a “crime scene” by a mysterious digital invitation, Ruth Lake is horrified by what she finds: a bizarre and gruesome tableau surrounded by a crowd of gawkers. The deadly work is the latest “art installation” designed by a diabolical criminal dubbed the Ferryman. Not only is this criminal cold-blooded; he’s a narcissistic exhibitionist desperate for an audience. He’s also clever at promoting his deadly handiwork. Exploiting England’s current true-crime craze, he uses social media to titillate and terrorize the public.

Ruth is joined in the investigation by her partner Greg Carver, who is slowly regaining his strength after a run-in with another sadistic criminal. But Greg can’t seem to shake the bewildering effects of the head wound that nearly ended him. Are the strange auras blurring his vision an annoying side effect of his injury, or could they be something more . . . a tool to help him see a person’s true nature?

In this utterly engrossing and thrilling tale of suspense, a pair of seasoned detectives face off against a wickedly smart and inventive psychopath in a tense, bloody game that leads to a shocking end.

My Review:

When I read Splinter in the Blood last year (the first book in this series), I was floored with the debut of such a unique serial killer!  Where we had the Thorn Killer in the first book, Dyer brings us The Ferryman in book two, The Cutting Room.  He's a bit more maniacal, narcissistic and has a propensity for needing his social media numbers to GROW! Haven't we all been there? *wink*

The author brings us some exciting visuals with the Ferryman and his "art" - putting them into some grotesquely beautiful pieces.  He's very methodical and even uses his online fandom to help perpetuate his macabre plans.  But how long can he evade Carver and Lake? Or will his ego lead to his downfall? AND WILL HE EVER REACH HIS SOCIAL MEDIA NUMBERS?  Haha - I joke here but honestly, in this day and age people are so glued to their phones and some have a sense of importance that only is as equal to the number of followers they have on any given social media platform.  I'm not gonna try and pretend that it's not nice to see those numbers grow.. but I don't think I'd be as pressed as the Ferryman to go to these lengths to get them.  PHEW!  

I honestly love these characters.  As partners, Carver and Lake look out for each other.  While Carver is still recovering and dealing with the issues the Thorn Killer brought to him in book one, now we have Lake dealing with her own personal ties.  These two can't catch a break.  It's because of this, I'd recommend reading these in order as you may feel a little bit lot on some back stories if you do not.

I did find that this one seemed to read slower for me than the first book.  It took me a bit to get into the story line and I found myself willing for the pacing to quicken up a bit.  For me, however, it did not.  Thankfully the intrigue of this villain and my love for the main characters helped me through and I absolutely am looking forward to book three.


Jessica's Review:

Last year I couldn't stop recommending Dyer's debut SPLINTER IN THE BLOOD. Talk about a creepy, gruesome, and unique serial killer we found in the Thorn Killer. Now, Dyer has brought back Carver and Lake to face their newest case with The Ferryman.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love when authors tie social media into these crime fiction novels. The topic of social media and an online presence is so relevant and relatable in today's world. Who hasn't been obsessed with watching their follower numbers grow at one point or another? I'll admit, it's always fun to hit that next milestone number. Well, The Ferryman brings this obsession to a whole new level. I mean, who doesn't love a narcissistic killer?

Sharing his gruesome works of "art" online to his captivated followers draws in the attention of Carver and Lake. Both still dealing with issues that occurred with the Thorn Killer from book one (definitely recommend picking that one up before starting book two). While this one did move a little slower than SPLINTER IN THE BLOOD, I felt it was a solid follow up and a good continuation in the series. I know it's common in crime series to have books two or three feel like a filler or a set up for greater things in the following book, but this one did not disappoint.

What I've enjoyed in both books is how unique the killers are. The Thorn Killer in book one was unlike any I had really seen before and The Ferryman takes a completely different turn. If you're looking for a new serial killer crime fiction series, then I highly recommend getting to know Carver and Lake!

4 stars

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