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Friday, March 8, 2019

SPOTLIGHT: The Daughter's Tale by Armando Lucas Correa @atriabooks @ArmandoCorrea

The Daughter's Tale 
by Armando Lucas Correa

A historical fiction novel coming May 7, 2019 that you do not want to miss!

"When Armando published his internationally bestselling novel THE GERMAN GIRL in 2016, based on the true story of the S.S. St. Louis, a transatlantic liner offering Jews safe passage out of Germany,  he never imagined he would meet some of its survivors. Not only did several come forward, but he forged beautiful friendships with them. One in particular, 80-year old Judith, captivated him with her soft voice, and fascinating and heartfelt story:

“I’ll never forget my visit with Judith in her small, dark apartment in Kew Gardens, Queens. She whispered her to story to me, struggling against her failing health. She said she had been relatively happy in the camp with her parents and the other children, until one afternoon, just before everyone was thrown into battered wagon bound for Poland, she found herself in the middle of a forest, holding her father’s hand. Her father came closer and whispered in her ear: “Look up at the treetops.” For an instant, she felt alone. Suddenly another firm hand, one she didn’t know, took hers. When she turned, her father was gone. She never saw him again. As I sat there with Judith, transfixed by her words, I felt something blooming inside of me. That afternoon, The Daughter’s Tale was born.”"

Publisher: Atria Books
Publish Date: May 7, 2019
320 Pages
Genre: Historical Fiction

The Daughter’s Tale is immersive, both heartbreaking and redemptive, steeped in harrowing historical events and heroic acts of compassion that will have you reflecting on the best and worst the human heart has to offer. Fans of WWII history and book clubs will find depth and skillful storytelling here, but on a deeper level, searing questions about life, love, and the choices we make in the most impossible of circumstances.” —Lisa Wingate, New York Times bestselling author of Before We Were Yours

From the internationally bestselling author of The German Girl, an unforgettable family saga exploring a hidden piece of World War II history and the lengths a mother will go to protect her children—perfect for fans of Lilac GirlsWe Were the Lucky Ones, and The Alice Network.

Berlin, 1939. Bookseller Amanda Sternberg and her husband, Julius, dreamed of blissful summers spent by the lake at Wannsee and unlimited opportunities for their children. But that all falls apart when the family bookshop is destroyed and Julius is sent to a concentration camp. Now, desperate to flee Nazi Germany and preserve what’s left of her family, Amanda heads toward the south of France with her two young daughters—only to arrive with one. In Haute-Vienne, their freedom is short-lived, and soon she and her eldest daughter are forced into a labor camp, where Amanda must once again make an impossible sacrifice.

New York City, 2015. Eighty-year-old Elise Duval receives a call from a woman bearing messages from a time and country that she forced herself to forget. A French Catholic who arrived in New York after World War II, Elise is shocked to discover that the letters were from her mother, written in German during the war. Despite Elise’s best efforts to stave off her past, seven decades of secrets begin to unravel.

Based on true events, The Daughter’s Tale chronicles one of the most harrowing atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis during World War II. Heartbreaking and immersive, it is a beautifully crafted family saga of love, survival, and redemption.

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