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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

SPOTLIGHT: The Gold Feather Series by Dani Pasquini @danipasquiniwrites

The Gold Feather Series 
by Dani Pasquini

The Gold Feather (Book One in series)

The Gold Feather follows the story of Lily and Jonas. Two people who were brought together as infants to then be experimented on by a secret branch of the government. Their dedication to each other as they discover what they have endured, what they have forgotten and who they ultimately will become speaks to the individuals perpetual need for support, understanding and love. 

Incandescence (Book two in The Gold feather Series)


Two years after the bloodshed in the desert, Lily and the Duals live a peaceful life trying to come to terms with their actions. Lily had been enjoying her simple life until a dark figure appeared on their doorstep. After saving his life, the team learns that he is the barer of bad news forcing Lily and the others to flee their home or risk capture by The Agency. New and old loves emerge, new threats and unbelievable discoveries. New abilities are unleashed that must in the end, save them all. 

Author Bio:

I was born and raised in Brazil until the age of 10 where I then grew up just outside of New York City. It wasn't long after my arrival in this country that I began to write and I haven't put my pen down since. Music is an enormous inspiration to my work and I often will incorporate what I am listening to in my writing. When I'm not at home feverishly typing away at my computer, I can be found either on a soccer field or a golf course with my children and husband. And even though I have been living in the South for many years now, I will always be a yankee at heart.

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