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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

REVIEW: The Fairer Sex by Michelle Miller @amazonpub @MichelleMiller

The Fairer Sex
by Michelle Miller

Shout out to Amazon Publishing for this fun little collection.
Coming Valentine's Day - get some laughs.

The Fairer Sex, a collection of sexy, satirical, and sometimes harrowing short stories that explore the question: “What do women want?” The answer is different for every woman, but each can be read or listened to in a single sitting.

This collection comprises eight short & sexy stories of women getting what they want. Each story explores a different woman’s experience of love, sex, or dating in New York City, with all the eye-rolls, high hopes, embarrassments, and toe-curling that go into it.

My Review:

What a fun little collection.  As with all short story anthologies, some hit the mark and some don't.  Even the ones that didn't quite work for me were still fun little reads.  I especially loved these three:  Candace - because of the Animaniacs reference (I loved this show) and her love for spreadsheets YES!  Alicia because I loved that unexpected ending and girl.... I feel youuuuuuuu!  And Eleanor - oh you devious woman you! And then I have to mention Heidi for writing a porno about finance guys - HAHA.

This is one that you'll probably find humorous - it's definitely for adults and it's somewhat relatable - somewhat out there but ALL FUN.


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