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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

SPOTLIGHT: Because of Jenny by Brad Neaton

Because of Jenny
by Brad Neaton

At less than 300 pages, this novel based on a true story is something to put on your radar!

What if the person you need most is someone you don't even know exists? 

Eric is a 22-year-old struggling with depression and teetering on the brink of suicide when he meets a gorgeous, utterly fascinating plot twist named Jenny. The two meet in an unlikely way, but soon discover they're kindred souls. A heroin addict, Jenny is also caught between wanting to escape life and wanting to live. Despite circumstances conspiring against them, Eric takes a leap of faith and commits himself to helping Jenny, and the two become an endearing pair, helping and accepting one another as they embark upon a mutual adventure that seems destined to fail. 

Funny, irreverent, insightful, tragic, and raw, the story explores many of life's deepest questions while shedding light on what remains a little known epidemic. An unflinching portrayal of addiction, love, and resilience, Because of Jenny is a book you will never forget. 

Brad Neaton is originally from New Baltimore, Michigan. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2014 and served in the Army. Brad is currently a graduate student at the University of Southern California, where he hopes to pursue a PhD in Creative Writing. Because of Jenny is his first book. An avid reader, he has a personal library in excess of 500 books and is a veritable, modern day nerd. Brad resides in Los Angeles, where he enjoys people watching and being critter-friendly.


  1. People really need to read this. This is a book that should be talked about more.