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Saturday, August 26, 2017

REVIEW: Sins of the Father by Michael Reid Jr. @michaelreidjr1

Sins of the Father
by Michael Reid Jr
HQT Publications
Releases September 22, 2017

Goodreads Synopsis:

Logan’s hunt has begun, in this immersive, fast-paced thriller.

President Pierce faces a difficult reelection following the terrorist attacks which highlighted his first term. His platform is focused on how they’ve successfully eliminated terrorism with the intercession of an advanced cyber watch network. However, Logan knows the truth.

After suffering a devastating loss at the hands of a terrorist cell, Logan begins to push those closest to him away. He welcomes death in an all-out war to avenge the loss of a friend and brother in arms. His intel leads to a failed aerial assault on a terrorist compound in the mountains of Yemen, but a CIA agent deep in country provides a cryptic tale of one pilot’s survival. Logan’s guilt places him in an isolated and deadly situation, forfeiting his life.

Logan’s unexplained absence becomes the catalyst, as a catastrophic chain of events begins to unfold in the U.S., crippling the country. In a sick twist of fate, Logan’s placed face to face with the devil he’s hunted for a year, Amir Qasmi, who may provide the only solution to save our country. But is it simply another deceitful lie?

My Review:

The president is up for reelection and basically is telling the world that terrorism has been eradicated. Logan and his team know differently and one of his team members gets killed on a mission, Logan starts to fall apart. Why does he continue to live while those he love keeps getting ripped away from him?

Holy crap you guys! What a great continuation of Logan Falcone's journey. Debt of Fear sets up everything that comes up in Sins of the Father. And while Debt of Fear was a fantastic read, I am blown away by this one. It's rare that you'll find a second in a series book that just EXPLODES and this one definitely does (pun intended!). It's clear that this book has been deeply researched and I feel for each of the characters that he has taken the time to build intricately. He also gives good scene - there's a flying scene near the beginning of the book that had me picturing Top Gun! (And now I have Danger Zone stuck in my head again!).

One thing I want to point out that I like about this book, especially in the relevance to today's world, is that while the terrorists are Muslim, the author also shows a side of the non-radical Muslims who are in the US for better opportunities and living a peaceful life. I think it's important to point this out because people have a tendency to pigeon hole a race and it's unfair and unacceptable. Every race, every group of people, every crowd of people, same race are not, have spatterings of shit holes - that doesn't mean everyone else associated are the same. /rant.

Action packed from the very first chapter, it's an absolute page turner with a revelation towards the end that I did NOT see coming!! People, get involved with this military action thriller. You won't regret it. Thank you so much to the author for this copy in return for my honest opinion. Not only is the author someone I consider a friend, but he is extremely talented and this book shows how he is growing in his talent with each book he writes and I expect it will continue in this trajectory.

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